Apps & Software

Our most recent mobile app, Golden Fire, won Best Digital Innovation Award at the Royal Television Society’s Midlands awards in 2016. In addition to consumer-facing mobile apps such as this, we create business web apps that function as internal databases for our clients.

Mobile Apps

We produce apps for iOS and Android from a single shared codebase so both operating systems are treated equally and can launch together. We take web technologies as our starting point for phone and tablet apps, which is especially beneficial when cost and speed to market are important factors. 

The results are beautifully created apps such as Golden Fire, which you can download free here. The app immerses users in the story and traditions of Herefordshire’s cider producers using articles, archive images, audio clips and videos.

Apps are especially powerful when linked into websites or online software for dynamic content. A common wish is for app content to be updatable via a CMS so changes don’t require a full app update, and that is where our foundations as a web team make a big difference - particularly for very complex data that synchronises with back-office systems.

Business Web Apps 

We increasingly work with businesses who require bespoke web-based systems to help their companies run smoothly and efficiently. For instance, for The Playhouse Company, we built a stock management system that tracks stock levels of every item used to manufacture their playhouses and automatically reorders items before they run out. 

Having web apps produced for your business may be cheaper than you expect. Compared to traditional computer software, using web technologies can also lead to more rapid development upfront and offer greater flexibility to shape the solution as your business changes. 

Web apps also bring cross-platform benefits; they work on any operating system, on any sized device, from anywhere in the world. We, perhaps more than many web agencies, have the skills and interest to help streamline internal processes and build intuitive interfaces that simplify complex functionality.